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Love to Struggle

Struggle is a weapon
In the sea of ​​failure
Get in depth.
Do not lose in victory
Neither at once
In the midst of these efforts.

Conflict is an Arms
When the peak
Why does sand pay
Rivers never twisted
Then turns why the clock
Go straight on that goal ..

Struggle is a wish
Wondered who won
So why not see rit pay
World laughing at every defeat
The foundation of victory
You win your mind ..

Struggle is a path
This is the wish of the traveler
Do not stop at any threshold
Ban Sur Suri Tu Gagan
Whole day
This is the kind of struggle.

Keep your friendship with you
This is the dark night of dawn.
This is your victory
This is my victory.

-Amit Kumar Maurya


“The goal of development”

If there was no development of the deep foundation due to the fall of the house again and again, today the sky-high buildings are not only in the story but the land is not there.

360 ° roaming anyone can be deceived that they do not even shake. You have gradually full circle.

When a person goes ahead on his path but for some reason if he does not reach the goal then it is very common for him that he has not done anything, but many times these unsuccessful attempts have reached the goal, with the help of the so-called successful people. May be commendable.

Believers should be on their own when people like Pluto, hardworking planets, who decide hundreds of times more than the Sun’s earth, can only separate them from the category of the physics due to a physics bite, but what is a person? Does that make any change in that whirlpool of any 1 second of that Pluto or is impossible because it knows its goal.

The person without goal, object and time always turn into zero.


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